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Discurs FINTECH – Noile tehnologii si mediul financiar european (Plenul PE)

The S&D Group strongly believe it’s time for a change of direction.

About Relaunching Europe

Relaunching Europe – Our alternative vision for the future is an initiative by the Socialists and Democrats Group in the European Parliament.

In a series of events across the European Union, leading politicians will meet with citizens, academics and representatives of cultural and social organisations to discuss the future we want for Europe. In discussions that go beyond the immediate day-to-day concerns of Europe, we want to build an inspiring alternative vision for the future of Europe and its citizens. Each event focuses on a specific theme in order to explore the arguments and build – step by step, debate by debate – our alternative vision for the future.


“Social-democratia prin vocile liderilor”

  • This is a crucial moment for the European Union, a deeper split of the union is a risk.”
    Martin Schulz
    Presedintele Parlamentului European - sep. 2015
  • ”It will also be time for some member states and ministers to stop with unacceptable rigidity, national selfishness and domestic political game”
    Gianni Pittella
    Presedintele Grupului S&D din Parlamentul European

Politicile S&D

“Social Democratii europeni sunt decisi sa lupte contra injustitiei sociale, pentru locuri de munca si crestere economica, drepturile consumatorilor, dezvoltare sustenabila, reforma pietelor financiare si drepturile omului. Citeste mai mult despre politicile noastre pentru o Europa mai puternica, mai democratica si pentru un viitor mai bun pentru toti”


Activitate in S&D

Echipa noastra

Asistentii europarlamentarului Catalin Ivan va stau la dispozitie pentru informatii si asistenta in functie de competentele si calificarile lor.


CARBUNARU Cosmin-Daniel

Aspecte legislative, relatia cu PE

COSMA Andrei Paul

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Relatii mass media, comunicare, cultura, social


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